Solutions for a mobile world

Our customized solutions perfectly match your business requirements. Focused on simplicity, user experience and maintainability!

A lean software stack

Our solutions are built with a minimum of dependencies which make them easy to maintain. A short deployment process and automation are our main keys to a reliable setup of an application.

Mobile devices

Good web applications are responsive. This means that no matter what device your customer is using, he will always have an awesome user experience. Our software is build using responsive code to meet todays requirements in a mobile world.

Web-based solutions

Our web-based software is in most cases built using Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails is an open-source web framework that's optimized for sustainable productivity. The web framework saves time during development, enables straight forward debugging and at end of the day money.

Mobile applications

Our principles for mobile applications align with our philosophy for web applications.

An important aspect for a successful mobile application is an stunning user experience which make it unique. Our team consists of designers who have the necessary experience to deliver an awesome interface.